Function Menu

Bookings Only. Minimum of 20 people, Maximum of 50.

Smoked chicken, horseradish, spinach, cranberries
Lamb back strap, mango chutney
Spiced tomato, relish, Brie, rocket

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers
Onion marmalade cream cheese, Camembert
Pesto rocket

Club sandwiches various filling

Small hot savory tarts
Bacon , relish tomato cheddar
Pesto, feta, sun dried tomato
Ham corn tomato
Gourmet sausage roll

Mini Filo
Spinach, feta, mushroom
Chicken cranberry Brie
Salmon asparagus

Sweet Treats
Chocolate fudge slice
Lemon citrus
Chocolate brandy truffles

Choice of 5 for $18.00
Choice of 6 for $21.00
Choice of 7 for $24.00
Choice of 10 for $30.00

Price shown is per head.

Room hire: $400.00 for 4 hours / after 5pm. 

3 staff included from 5pm.

Beer and wine available.